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Jozi Rhythmic Gymnastics classes are offered to all girls aged 4 and up, and the lessons are 1hr in length for beginners and increase in length as the gymnasts progress. Classes are structured in such a way that no more than 15 children per class are taught at a time to ensure each child benefits.

The classes include the use of:

  • Music
  • Beanbags
  • Parachutes
  • Obstacle courses
  • Basic Gymnastic skills
  • All 5 rhythmic hand apparatus



These lessons are aimed to promote learning through movement and involve loads of fun, music and dance!

Gymnasts are introduced to the basic gymnastics skills with the focus being muscle control, body and spatial awareness, coordination , musicality and posture.


At Jozi Rhythmic Gymnastics beginners are taught all the fundamental building block necessary to make a great gymnast.

Posture, flexibility and strength are important aspects of every lesson as the girls are exposed to all the apparatus and body skills needed for the prescribed recreational and competitive Rhythmic Gymnastics routines. Lessons involve music and dance and gymnasts are exposed to all 5 of the rhythmic hand apparatus as well as other FUN equipment.


Jozi Rhythmic Gymnastics is a member of and is affiliated to the SOUTH AFRICAN GYMNASTICS FEDERATION(SAGF).

We follow the official competitive recreational and high performance program endorsed by the federation.
Rhythmic Gymnastics is an Olympic Sport and gymnasts have the opportunity to be recognised on a regional, provincial and national level.


Jozi Rhythmicn Gymnasts may be entered as a group to take part in various competitons.

Group is a fun interactive sub discipline of rhythmic gymnastics that promotes team work within this individual sport.


This falls under the discipline Gym for All

Jozi Rhythmic Gymnastics is a proud supporter of this amazing project which offers an International participation opportunity to all gymnasts! Watch this space for the 3rd GYM FOR ALL Challenge 2019!

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