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Jozi Rhythmic Gymnastics strive to help each gymnast reach her full potential and become the best gymnast she can be!

Classes are taught by experienced coaches whose main concern is the safety and enjoyment of each child and optimising the learning opportunity of each lesson


Shalene Raath

BA (HONS)Biokinetics , cum laude

Retired Protea Rhythmic gymnast and National Senior Champion

National High Performance Rhythmic Manager and member of the National Rhythmic gymnastics Technical Comitee

Gauteng Rhythmic Gymnastics Discipline Convenor

As a gymnast, I have enjoyed the benefits of personal development through movement at the highest level. I was a member of the South African Rhythmic Gymnastics national team for 8 consecutive years and have coached both provincially and nationally for 6 years since retiring as a gymnast at the 2006 Common Wealth Games. I have been fortunate in my career to personally witness the joy and change that a good gross motor programme can bring to a child’s life. It is my dream and goal, as a rhythmic gymnastics coach and qualified Biokineticist, to provide as many opportunities as possible to as many children as possible, enabling them to experience their world, while growing, learning and reaching success through movement.

FIG Level 1 Coach / Level 2 judge / Level 2 First Aid



Internationally acclaimed ballerina and retired National Rhythmic Gymnast.

2014 Moscow Grand Prix – Youth Olympic Games Qualifiers, All African Championships: Team Silver medal, individual overall 4th place and Silver medal for apparatus. Awarded Protea Colors for Rhythmic Gymnastics. Level 2 Rhythmic Gymnastics judge

Cicchetti Adv 2 winner, RAD Adv 2, AIDT Solo Performers, Irish Dancing World Championship qualifier 2016.

2019: FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics Level 1 Qualification

2020: Level 2 First Aider Skills Programme


Rhythmic gymnastics provides a controlled, professional environment that teaches children to enjoy exercise, improve poor muscle tone, get rid of excess energy and aids in the development of strong and healthy minds and bodies.

Making exercise a positive experience is one of the best investments you as a parent can make. Give your daughter the chance to get a step ahead in life, by developing and exploring their huge potential through rhythmic gymnastics!

Rhythmic Gymnastics aims to develop all areas of gross motor development including the following:

  • Improving a child’s posture and muscle control and muscle tone
  • Body awareness and spatial skills
  • Establishing dominance and laterality
  • Promotes social interaction
  • Improves bilateral integration through midline crossing activities
  • Improves balance
  • Increases integrated muscle coordination (Hand –hand, Eye-foot, Foot-foot, Eye-hand –foot)
  • Improves a child’s understanding of speed, distance and space
  • Increases attention span
  • Teaches the child to listen and follow instruction
  • Relieves excess energy through play and results in a more favourable attitude towards learning
  • Builds Self confidence as well a self concentration
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